my feet, brushing the ground– thumping. as I feel the coldness of mist, and the wet grass above ground… I shiver. I…barely walk, clouds covered the lamp, water covered my sight— I sighed.

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I sat on a wooden chair, stare, losing sense I sighed, had the coldest breath, as my tears fall and shatter.

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a long edged sword; with a tip that pokes, hand is gripping, its bare body – hardly. one swish – it cuts piercing through the heart. slash and swings, bringing the fantasy alive.

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as I tuned on my world, put steps on the road. give a deep sigh tryi’n to be bold my thoughts became broad as I hear the melody, seeping through my drums I wailed, soaring through the corners and eyes saw; an unlit room, where my own misery lurks I took a deep breath, forgotten […]

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Down pull

As I saw the darkness, blinding Like a tight rope, binding I’m into the depths, drowning cold water, seeping through my flesh; I’m falling Down, down into my darkest slumber Where misery and anxiety isn’t over As i slowly fall, in the bed of ocean temperature rises and my fears swarming on I try to […]

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The enchanting time started, on the 8th month of the year, where I get to know your name, my heart felt insane. It was a story, I never knew will be written. Our words started to collide. Into a tale of Us. The line in my lips, started to curve. slowly, gradually stretching my lips. […]

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